Animadok at Leipzig

By Jens Schillmöller
ARTE Cinema, Germany
January 2017


Meeting with Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre and Sarah Gampel (in german).

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Animating reality

By Jérôme Scaglia
La Fabrique Culturelle, Montreal, Quebec
November 2016


A meeting with Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre who talks about her very personal film Passages and other animated documentaries she made (in french).

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Vanier Scholarship

By Pierre-Etienne Caza
Actualités UQAM, Montreal
October 2016


PhD student Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre is awarded the most prestigious scholarship for graduate studies in Canada.

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Portrait Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

By Les Réalisatrices Équitables
March 2016


Directing documentary differently: “Femelles” (2012) and film animation.

A short interview with Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre about animation in animated documentary film (in french).

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Oscar: Le grand Peterson de la Petite-Bourgogne

By Catherine Genest
Voir, Quebec
September 2016


Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre looks at Oscar, the young ‘coloured boy’ from Montreal, a rising star and then a sad musical genius.

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Interview with Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre, director of “Jutra” & “McLaren’s Negatives”

By Ben Mitchell
Skwigly, Online Animation Magazine, United Kingdom
February 2015


Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre, a Concordia University graduate, founded MJSTP Films in 2004 and has since built up an impressive, award-winning filmography including Passages, The Sapporo Project and McLaren’s Negatives which picked up over twenty awards and took festivals by storm.

In the wake of last year’s McLaren’s Centenary Celebrations we take a look at how his and Jutra’s legacy has helped shape the artistic path of today’s animation filmmakers such as Marie-Josée.

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RIDM: Jutra by Jutra

By Manon Dumais
Huffington Post
November 2014


Selected at the Director’s Fortnight, Jutra, wonderful animated film by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (McLaren’s Negatives), is a portrait of Claude Jutra by Claude Jutra. This film is breathtaking and shows the different faces of the brillant filmmaker that left too soon.

Consciously or not, artist project themselves in their work and I believe that 'Take it all' was a premonition.

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Interview with Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre - JUTRA

RIDM Blog, Montreal, Quebec
November 2014


Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre’s Jutra is a unique, poetic portrait made possible by the power of animation. Claude Jutra comes back to life before our eyes in this tribute to an exceptional artist. The filmmaker accepted to answer a few questions. (English version below).

I must feel something very strong, almost visceral, to choose to bring a person back to life through animation. Artistically speaking, I’m basically in love with the men whose portraits I create. Norman McLaren, Claude Jutra, Oscar Peterson—all these artists have produced works that I relate to and that touch me deeply.

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Jutra by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

By Mathieu Lericq
Format Court, France
June 2014


Combining and manipulating different sources, it’s an electric questioning between Claude Jutra and his environment that is created by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre.

Taking the risk to show, and to expose the other part of himself, 'Jutra' is a moving plastic representation. The film goes beyond any form of known filmmaking. But it's still a documentary act, in the sense that the manipulation of archive sources create the objective apprehension of a man with multiple and inclassable personalities. Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre's short film is alive, complexe and exciting.

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The Illustrated Man

By Steve Gow
Strictly Docs, Canada
May 2014


Canadian filmmaker Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre has just come back from the prestigious Cannes International Film Fest where her documentary Jutra was featured in the lineup of the 46th Director’s Fortnight – an honor not simply bestowed on any film.

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